DB Util
Current version: 0.1 (initial release)

	This java program is supposed to be a portable shell to databases
    that support JDBC. Currently mySQL, Postgresql and MS SQL Server
    connections are implemented (you have to have the respective .jar
    files in your CLASSPATH, of course)
	First you have to compile the java sources. You can do this by 
    runing "make" or simply by typing "javac *.java" in the directory
    that containts the sources.

	You can run the dbutil.class with the following parameters:
    -h host				the host you are connecting to
    -u user				database user
    -p password				it's password
    -d database				database name
    -t mysql | pgsql | mssql		database type
    	The defaults are: host is, no password, MS SQL server,
    the user and the database defaults are chosen based on the database type
    ("sa"/"master" for mssql, "root"/"mysql" for mysql, 
    "postgres"/"template1" for postgresql).
    	For example, a connection to a MS SQL Server could look like this:
java -classpath . dbutil -h -u sa -p some_pass -d northwind -t mssql
    	A parameter that is not in this list is considered to be a file 
    containing sql script, the program will execute all the commands from 
    that file as if they were given at the prompt, than it exits.

	There is NO guarantee that this program will do anything. It might 
    crash your computer, delete all databases, delete files, erase disks, send 
    your sensitive data to some aliens ... So you are using it on your own risk, 
    don't blame me if something wrong  happens, though I would like to know if 
    it really works in the wild :)
    	If someone makes some improvements to this program please let me know.

	This program is free, you can use the program and the source code in 
    any way you need.

	Costin Grigoras
    Have fun,

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